Public Provident Fund shortly known as PPF is a very popular long term investment scheme provided by Central Government of India. If we go in the past, PPF was initially started because government wanted provide investment instrument which provides retirement security to millions on self employed individuals and workers in un-organised sectors.

The Public Provident Fund scheme is one of the most popular investments in India today. And that is no surprise since it provides tax deductions up to 150000, maturity amount (interest earned) is exempt from tax, and it is a perfectly safe instrument which cannot be attached in case of debt or liability. This is money that will be yours forever.

If you are keen on a safe corpus, a decent rate of return, tax benefits (deduction on the money invested, tax free interest and a tax free maturity value) and have a long term investment horizon, then the PPF is for you.

Keep in mind you need to be disciplined with the PPF to make the most of it, and also meet your liquidity needs elsewhere, because with this investment your money is blocked for 15 years.

The PPF also offers loans against the account which can help you during occasions like a wedding in the family, further studies of your children, etc. Above all that it gives you a peace of mind as your money is safe.